Yakima Uncorked Rocked On Saturday — The Rockers Showed Their Stuff [PHOTOS] By Kelly West-KATZ 94.5 FM- June 27, 2016 3:28 PM

"San Clemente Fiesta Turns 60 with Street Party featuring World Tour-Legends of Rock"-Orange County Register, August 2015

Jimmy Keegan Featured in Drummer World Magazine-March, 2016

"Spock's Beard's Jimmy Keegan Fueling the Flame"-Modern Drummer Magazine-March, 2016

"Ocean Festival Beach Concert features rock anthem band World Tour-Legends of Rock"-San Clemente Times-July 2014

"Summer Concerts: World Tour Rock the Park" Summer concert series gets off to a rousing start with stadium anthem cover band World Tour! World Tour singing classic and hard rock anthems, delivered a pulsating early evening performance that had hundreds dancing to the likes of Journey, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and AC/DC.

Tom Petty’s Surprise Show at the Troubadour-Ultimate Classic Rock-December 23, 2015